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Adding a video is a common task performed when creating articles. Videos can be added to articles to solely highlight the video or as part of a larger editorial piece. 

This tutorial is focused on YouTube videos. However, most major video service providers generate "embed" code in a similar way. 


1. Find the video you want on YouTube

A. Click the Share (A) button under the video. You will see several options for how to share your video. You will want to choose Embed (B).

B. Uncheck (C) the Playlist option

C. Copy The Code Provided. It should look like this

   <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

2. Inserting the video into an article

A. Create your article teaser as you normally would.

B. Check the option that says "No" on the Show article image setting

C. Go to the article editor and click the Source button

D. Paste your code from step 4 of the "Finding The Embed Code" into the article editor

E. Hit Save

3. Inserting a video into an article or page using a video module

Instead of inserting the embed code directly into the article source code, you can also insert a video into an article or page using a video module. For instructions on creating a video module, see the guide How To Make a Video Module.

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