Article Manager

The Article Manager allows publishers to create new articles, or edit, categorize, publish, and change the display order of existing articles.

Articles are often associated with a particular issue of a magazine, but standalone articles can exist outside an issue.

The default view of the Article Manager is a list of recent articles that have been created.  You can use the filters to only display articles within a specific issue, or with a certain status.  You can use the search box to find a particular article. At the bottom of the screen are the action buttons which are used to edit, delete, or create new articles. You may page through the list of articles by using the numbered page links on the bottom right.

Articles can be deleted or categorized in bulk by selecting the checkboxes on the left and clicking the Delete or Categorize buttons.

Toggle the Published status by clicking the red or green buttons on the right.

Change the display order by specifying a value in the Display Order field and clicking the Update Order button at the bottom.

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