Publish & Preview articles

Learn how to preview, publish immediately, publish with a customized date, and unpublish articles.

Once you have created an article, there are a few ways to publish it. Take note of the indicated current local time if you use the "Publish On" field.


Publish Immediately
Check the "Published" checkbox to publish the article immediately upon clicking "Save and Done" or "Update." Leave the "Publish On" date blank, and the system will automatically populate the publish date.


Publish Immediately with a Customized Publish Date
Check the "Published" checkbox and provide a "Publish On" date (must be a past date) to use custom publish date for display purposes.


Publish in the Future
Leave the "Published" checkbox unchecked and specify a "Publish On" date in the future if you would like to set the article to be published at a future time.


Articles that are not published can still be previewed from Rivista. To do this, simply leave the article unpublished and make sure you have clicked "Update" at least once to generate a clickable URL. Click on the article's URL. It will open in a new window, with the ?previewmode=on parameter on the end of the URL. This parameter allows you to preview the article without it actually being published on your site. 

To unpublish an article, simply uncheck the "Published" box and click "Update" or "Save and Done." You can also unpublish an article through the Article Manager or when viewing its issue by clicking on the green circle to the far right of the article title. It will turn to red, meaning the article is now unpublished. Note that a yellow circle indicates an article with a future publish date.


If you have published an article but it's not showing on your site, there are a few things to check. If the article belongs to an issue, and the issue is not published, the article will not show on the site. Likewise, if the in-issue article and the issue are published but the publication to which the issue belongs is not, the article will not appear on the site. 

If you have published an article and do not see it in the article or content list that you expect it to, check that the issue and publication are properly published. Then, check the tags to ensure the article has the same tag applied to it as the article or content list.

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