How to Turn Geobase Recommendations & Ratings On or Off

To turn on or off the recommendations and ratings, there are two important steps.

The first step is at the publication level. For each of your publications, you need to specify whether you want the recommendations and ratings on or off. You cannot change all of the publications with one simple click.

To do this, first go into the Publication Manager. Select the publication you want. Then, click on the “Configuration Options” tab. About two-thirds of the way down the page, you will see the options for the recommendations and ratings. They look like this:



If you want the ratings and recommendations to show up, you must check the boxes for whichever listings you want them to appear for.

You can also turn anonymous recommendations on or off and change the labels for the star ratings.

The second step is to turn on the recommendations and ratings in the GeoBase itself. To do this, go to the “GeoBase Editor” in Rivista and make your selection. You can pick which GeoBases you would like the features on.



You can also specify which individual listings have recommendations and ratings enabled.

To do this, click on the "View Data" button at the bottom of the Geobase Editor page (below the recommendations & ratings settings).  This will bring you to a list of listings in your geobase. Click on the name of any listing to view that listing's settings.  You will see a section for recommendations and ratings:


Here you can turn recommendations and ratings on or off for each individual listing.

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