Create a Gallery

Galleries are a collection of images to be displayed on the website. A gallery page is created during the initial implementation of the website. The gallery page will dynamically display galleries. There is no need to add galleries directly to a page. 

Create a Gallery

1. Choose Galleries in the dashboard navigation 

2. Click New Gallery

3. Add Basic gallery information

Title - Enter a title for your gallery. This title appears in Rivista, not on the website.

Parent Galleryoptional. Only used with child galleries

Descriptionoptional. Write a description of the gallery that will appear above the image gallery

Template & Stylesheet - Choose the gallery template & match the stylesheet. 

Published? - Must be published to place on the site.

Sort Order - leave the default setup

Tags - Select a tag or tags so the gallery may be pulled into a mixed content list (r5 only)

Subtitle, Byline, Summary, Thumbnail image - Add Subtitle, Byline, Summary and Thumbnail image for the mixed content list view of a gallery

Upload gallery - Upload images one at a time or via a zip file. Acceptable files are .jpg, .png and .bmp. NOTE: The files cannot exceed 32MB.

4. Click Update to save changes and apply the images to the gallery.
After you click Update, the page will reload and you will now be able to edit or delete the images. 

For r5, galleries are access through Mixed Content Lists. Readers are directed to a dynamically generated link using the gallery page. 


Edit Images

Any image with changes must have the checkbox on the left checked before pressing Update. 

1. Add item caption, description, credit, link, display order or change image. Images do NOT require this information, it's optional to add it.

Caption - Short description of the image

Description - Longer description of the image

Photo Credit - Credit to the photographer

Link - for splash galleries only. Link the image to a rivista page or external url. Rivista urls should be relative - /My-Issue/My-Article/.  External urls must begin with http://www. not www.

Display Order - Order the images how you want them displayed on the website

Approved - Green indicates it's approved, red indicates disabled. You may have enabled and disabled images in a published gallery.

Replace an image - Click Choose file under the image, choose the new image - be sure the new image has a different filename

2. Check the checkbox to the left of any image with any edits (important!)

3. Press update


Delete Images

1. Check the checkbox to the left

2. Choose delete button at the bottom


The gallery must be added to a page, article or module to appear on your website. 

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