How to Put a Gallery on a Page

After you create a new gallery, you will need to put it on a page.

Go to the Page Editor and click the "New" button.

Make a title for your page.  The URL should be automatically generated. For more info on this and other parts of the page editor, click here.

For the template, chose index-fullwidth.tpl, index.tpl, or index-wide.tpl. For more information on templates, click here.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the "Add & Arrange Modules" section.


In the left side box, click on the word "Galleries."  The galleries you have created and published will then appear in a list beneath the word Galleries.


Click on the gallery that you want to move onto the page.


Then, click on the word "middle" on the right side box.  This will be the page position to which you move the gallery.


Finally, click on the arrow in between the boxes to move the gallery to the middle position.



Now click "Save & Done" or "Update" or "Save and Add New" to save your new page. The gallery you created will now be on this page.

To learn how to make a gallery module, click here.

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