How to Add a Product to the Store

When you want to add a new product to your store, you must first ensure that you have the proper product category for it.  


To add a new product, click on the "Product Categories" option beneath the Store Manager on the left side menu.


Click on the product category to which you want to add a product.

Once the product category opens, scroll down to the "Products in this category" section.



You can click on products that already exist to edit them, or you can add a new one by clicking on the "New" button.

After you click the "New" button, you will be able to enter all of the information for your product.


Title - This title will appear on your website as the name of the product, so chose carefully. 

Product Code - The product code should be short and contain no spaces but still be descriptive (i.e. "MAGSUB" for a magazine subscription).  The product code is used in the database and will appear on orders receipts.



The email subject and email body will appear at the bottom of the email confirmation sent to the user.  Add any additional information you want here.




Product Image - Add an image for your product (optional).  This should be a small icon that showcases your product. 

Price -  You must enter a price for your product.  If it is a free product, just put in 0.

Product Category  - The product category should already be set to the product category you chose.  If not, you may set it here.

Subscription - You should not need to set the "Subscription" option.  If you think you may need it, please contact Godengo support.




Sales Tax and Taxable - You may set a sales tax here. To do this, you must set up "Tax Tables" in the tax tables options on the left-side menu.  Please contact Godengo support if you want to set up this option. Note: Godengo recommends that you bundle any sales tax into the price of the product to avoid the sales tax section, which can be problematic.

Enabled - This is like the "Published" button in other places of Rivista. Chose "Yes" if you want the product to be visible on your site immediately when you place it on a page.



These options are for override shipping.  Use them if you feel that you properly understand the usage.  If you are unsure whether or not to use these options, please contact GTxcel support.



You can use the Product Attributes section if you would like to set up different prices for the product.  For example, if you want to set up several magazine subscriptions, you could set up something like the following:



When you are finished setting up your product, click "Save & Done."

To learn how to put your product on a page, click here.

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