Calendar Import

Importing Events

The file must be formatted exactly as per below. If you experience problems loading the import, contact


  • Fields names are on the first line 
  • Field names are all lowercase with no spaces
  • No double quotes (caution: when exporting from Microsoft Excel, double quotes will be added)
  • No hard returns, use basic html tags for multiple paragraphs
  • File must be uploaded to Rivista as Tab Delimited (.txt)

Acceptable Fields

  • title
  • eventcost
  • address
  • address2
  • zipcode
  • phone - one phone number per cell, format ###-###-#### or ##########
  • fax
  • sponsor
  • contactname
  • url
  • city
  • county
  • state
  • categories
  • description
  • approved (use t/f or 1/0 to indicate if the event is approved. if left blank, it will import as approved)
  • startdate
  • enddate

Preparing the file

  1. Enter the data in a spreadsheet
  2. Save file in Text (Tab Delimited)
  3. Close Excel
  4. Open the file in a text eidtor (notetab lite, notepad++, textwrangler)
  5. Search for double quotations
  6. Replace with blank
  7. Save. File name cannot include spaces
    • Notetab: save as txt, encoding ASCII(DOS)
    • Text Wrangler: save as line breaks, Unix, encoding Western (Windows Latin1)
  8. Use the Choose File button in the Rivista Calendar to find and upload the file.
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