Geobase Reports

-Displayed in search results
     How many times the listing has shown up in any search in the Geobase. This includes when someone uses a filter view to find a listing as well. Basically, anytime a link for the listing shows up on the "main" Geobase page.

      This stat is the number of times the geobase listing has been clicked from the geobase search results page.

-Click through ratio
    The ratio of clickthroughs to listing views can be misleading. Listing views include any view of the listing, regardless of traffic source. Clickthroughs only count clicks from the search results page. Essentially giving you a % ratio of the number of internally sourced listing views to externally sourced listing views. 

-Clicks to main website
     This is the number of clicks that the link to your website has gotten on its individual listing page. This stat will not show up for a free listing, as the URL field does not show up on free listings. This stat will also not work if a custom URL field is used instead of the default. Your listings currently use the default field and featured and premium listings show this stat correctly.

-Featured listing view
     The number of times a listing shows up in the "Featured Listings" side bar underneath the Google map on a search results page. 

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