Submitting your publication to Google News

Google News ( requires a specific format for sitemap files ( Rivista automatically generates the appropriate site map files. Participation in Google News is part of a comprehensive approach to SEO.  Inclusion in the Google News index increases the exposure of your content which in turn can increase the size of your audience.
There are four basic steps required to have your content included in the Google News Index.

1.   Google must accept your publication as part of the index.  Request participation here
2.   The appropriate publication name must be configured within Rivista.  There is a new field in the Publication Manager under Configuration Options called Google News Publication Name.  It is important that this field matches the publication name provided to Google.
3.   Within the Google Webmaster Console submit the location of the sitemap so Google can periodically retrieve the sitemap.
4.   When the three previous steps have been completed successfully please contact Godengo and we will configure the sitemap to be periodically updated with the newly published articles.

You can validate that the sitemap is being read correctly within the Google Webmaster Console.  Additionally you can search the Google News Index for your content.

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