Add Menu options

  1. Select Menus from the left sidebar
  2. Select the menu to edit 
  3. Scroll to Child Menu items
  4. Click New
  5. Enter the required information as described below

    Title: a website viewer will see this title on the website menu

    Parent Menu dropdown: will default to the menu you created the child menu item in

    Menu Order: display order of the menu item (1 is furthest to the left)

    Menu Item Type: typically links to a Rivista Page

    • Rivista Page Link internal pages already created within Rivista
    • Static URL links to any url, used to link externally
    • Current Issue links to the current issue page

    Access Control: check all

    Require SSL: No is recommended. Only select Yes if the menu item links to a store page

  6. Click Save & Done
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