Setting up Subscription Promo Codes


Setting up a promotional code in Rivista is the same process as setting up a new product. Navigate to your Subscription product category in Rivista and create a new product.



  • Title
  • Product Code
  • Price (0.00)
  • Product Category (Subscription)
  • and choose Enabled

The "Product Code" you create for this product will be used as the promo code for your subscribers. Product_Categories3.png 

Under the "Product Attributes" section of the new/promo product, enter the terms of your promotional offer. 



Press Save & Done. The promotional product is now set up. Users will now be able to enter this promo code when they order a new (or renew) a subscription.


In the Promocode field on your subscription page, the customer can enter the product code for the product you've created and click "Validate Promocode" to change the terms for the product. 



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