How Geobase Search Works

Data Searched

The search currently looks for the following info: Company Name, Image Descriptions, Phone number, Email, Description and subtitles, Contact Name, URL, URL to the review, Additional Info, County, Categories and Subcategories, Specialties, Location, Area Name, and custom user data.

The search works exactly like the main site search in that searching for a word like "potato" will return results that mention "potato" and "potatoes".

Update Speed

Because we are using Full Text Indexes, they are not updated completely once a change is saved to the database. Once a week, on Sunday, the index that is used for searches is updated to take into account any changes added over the course of the week. The only changes that are immediate is a change to the Company Name or the Description fields.

Exact match vs Partial Match

Neither of these two options do anything anymore, however at one time they did. For exact, it would search only for the term "potato", whereas partial would have found words like "potatoes". These options have been removed from the r5 geobase interface

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