Template Content Module

Title Enter the title of the content module you are creating. This title appears in the Module Manager list, as well as the Page Editor's Add/Arrange Modules box.

ID Name This name is a simplified name of the module, and must be all lower case, with no spaces or non-alpha characters. It is not required, and is usually left blank. 

Go Live Date If this field is left blank, the module is considered live as soon as it is published. Otherwise, you can set a future date for this module item to become live. You may place the module on any page in the system, and when this date is reached, the module will appear on the page.

Expiration Date If Go Live Date is provided, you may also provide an optional expiration date. Using these two fields together provides a date-sensitive module that appears, then disappears, automatically according to the dates entered.

Published Only modules that are published will appear on the site.

Notes This field is useful for entering notes about the module, where it might be used, or any preconditions for its use.

Content This field is used to enter your code. You may use HTML code and/or Smarty Template code. Refer to the Smarty For Designers reference for detailed information on how to use Smarty.

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