Calendar Modules


Rivista allows you to set up modules that provide different views for any calendar in the Rivista system.  Users can choose from:

  • Calendar List view
  • Calendar Monthly view
  • Calendar Weekly view
List View
Monthly View
Weekly View
listview_calendar.png monthview_calendar.png weekview_calendar.png


Before Creating Calendar Module

Create Calendar View Module

  1. Go to the Content Manager
  2. Add new module, select Calendar View
  3. Enter a Title for the module. The title only appears in Rivista; it does not show anywhere on your website. Recommended format is Calendar - Module Type, for example: Calendar - List View. 
  4. Choose a module Category here. Not required.
  5. ID Name: Can be used to assign ID to module so that you can style against it using CSS
  6. Published: Select "yes" if you want your module to be available immediately to place on pages. 
  7. Notes: Can be used to make internal notes on module: This is not end user facing.
  8. Enter a View Title - this is the title that will appear to readers on the calendar module on your site. 
  9. Choose a Template:
    • For list view, choose module.calendarview.list.tpl
    • For monthly view, choose module.calendarview.month.tpl
    • For weekly view, choose module.calendarview.weekly.tpl
  10. Select the calendar you want the module to show. 
  11. If you are using Filters in your calendar, you may enter them here (separated by a comma) to show only those events with those filters.
  12. Maximum Height of event list: Not relevant to editors; Sets height for category filter filed on /Calendar/ pages.
  13. Choose the Number of Events you want to show - only applies to the List View template "module.calendarview.list.tpl"
  14. Choose whether the month view should default to show the Current Day's Events - only applies to Month View template "module.calendarview.month.tpl"
  15. Chose whether Event Descriptions Should Load Automatically when an event title is clicked on - only applies to the Month View template "module.calendarview.month.tpl"
  16. Choose whether to Highlight featured events on Calendar.
  17. Choose whether to Display the event location - only applies to List View template "module.calendarview.list.tpl".
  18. Choose whether to Display the event time - only applies to List View template "module.calendarview.list.tpl"


Calendar modules should not be be used on the Calendar page. Due to the dynamic nature of the Calendar page, the module will display a duplicate of the calendar content on individual event pages. 

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