HTML Module: Add padding, add header

The HTML content module is convenient to use because there is a toolbar in the Content area that allows you to use graphic tools to upload images or edit text. However, in order to do the following, you will need to add HTML code to the source view:

  • add a background color (controlled by the CSS) to the background so the module will not look transparent
  • add padding around the content of the module
  • center content
  • add a header

To add the above, do this:

1) Click the Source button in the tool bar (upper left corner)

2) Paste the following into the Source view:

<div class="module"><h2>Header Goes Here</h2>

<div class="content">Just some filler here....</div></div>

3) Click the Source button to go back to the normal view.

At this point you can highlight over the Header Goes Here text and type in the correct header. You can do the same for the text "Just some filler here..." to insert your own text or you can highlight the text and click the image tool to place an image instead of the text.

More information on the HTML module can be found here:

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