Global Publication Content (GPC)

The Global Publication Content module allows Publishers to add arbitrary snippets of code throughout their site. Such code might be some tracking code, or a widget from a third party.

You can create a GPC module by:

1) Going to the Content Manager

2) Clicking the New Content Module button

3) Selecting Global Publication Content as the module type.

The relevant fields are:

  • Content. Put your code in here. Note that the module is parsed by Smarty. This means that curly braces will be recognized as Smarty. So, if you are entering curly braces - such as in Javascript, be sure to escape these properly by wrapping them in {literal} SCRIPT GOES HERE {/literal} tags. Read about escaping Smarty here:
  • Include in all publications? When set to "Yes", the content will be displayed on every page on every publication. When set to "No", a checkbox list appears allowing you to target specific publications.
  • Head / Footer. When selecting "Head" the content will be rendered in the <head> element of the page. When selecting "Footer" the content will be rendered at the bottom of the <body> element, just before the closing </body> tag.
  • Order. Optional. Add an integer here to order the loading within the head or footer in relation to other elements added to the page using the Global Publication Content module, or the {addcss}, {addjs}, {addtemplate} Smarty functions. The default value is "50" if nothing is entered here. An example: You have 2 Global Publication Content modules, and you are loading both of them in the footer. You want one to load before the other. To do this, set the "Order" value to 1 for the first item, and 2 for the second item. Items are loaded in order from lowest value to highest value. Negative values and 0 are allowed.
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