Mixed Content List Carousel

This article will show you how to create beautiful slideshows that automatically show off your latest content using Mixed Content Lists.


  1. Navigate to the Content Manager and create a new Mixed Content List (MCL) module. 
  2. Choose module.contentitemlist.slideshow.tpl (base) from the Template dropdown menu.
  3. Define the list title, select tags and content types as you would for any other MCL module. (read the Mixed Content List Topic for basic information about MCL modules)
  4. Set the Image Width to 100% so that the thumbnail image associated with each content item will be as large as possible. Set the Image Position to Top
  5. Set the Number of items in the list to be something that is divisible by the number of items you plan to show on each slide of the slideshow.  12 is a great option because it is divisible by 4, 3, 2, and 1.
  6. Set the number of items per slide at each breakpoint so that each content item has the right amount of space. Make sure the number of items per slide always divides evenly into the total Number of items in the list.

  7. Customize your slideshow by configuring the other options in the Customization for Slideshow Template section.  You can determine the slide transition type, what buttons will appear, and where they will appear.  Ask GTxcel support about making further customizations through CSS.


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