MCL: Related Content List

Please note that Related Content Lists are for use on r5 (responsive) sites only. This module type does not function on classic sites.

This module is meant to replace the "Related Articles" module. The Related Content List module has the same essential functionality as the classic Related Articles module, but allows for a greater degree of flexibility in the styling of the list on your site. 

Below are instructions to creating a Related Content List.

1. Create a Mixed Content List module - instructions can be found HERE 

2. Set the "Content Selection Type" field to "Related Content". 


*If there are no tags selected, it will look at the page/article the module is on to determine what tags to use.

3. Press "Update".



How to set individual tags to be used for related content:

1. Go to "Tags" in your Rivista admin panel.

2. Click the circle in the "For Related" column on the far right of the tag to turn it off or on for related content.


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