Using 3rd Party Ecommerce Solutions With Rivista

In addition to the Rivista Store Manager, 3rd party ecommerce solutions can be easily integrated into Rivista, or be modified to copy your site's appearance. 

In order to sell products on your website you will need 3 separate solutions,

1. Shopping Cart software that will display the products that you would like to sell and guide customers through the payment process.

2. A payment processor that can accept customer payment and transfer it to a financial institution. and

3. For large volume products, an order fulfillment system. 

Shopping Cart Solutions

There are a lot of shopping cart solutions available that can be integrated into Rivista or operate alongside of it. Depending on your customization needs, there are a few different products we recommend. 

Hosted Shopping Carts are a great low-maintenance but powerful solution for ecommerce, but lack customizability. Shopify allows a full store to be set up and hosted on their servers, with fully customizable templates and widgets that can be integrated into your existing site. The site can forward to a subdomain such as and styled to match your existing website. 

An even lower maintenance option that is very easy to set up, but not powerful for multiple-item stores is a Pay Now button. Google Checkout and Paypal offer this service. Just sign up and generate the url for your product, and you can begin accepting orders immediately. If you'd like to integrate information collection into the ordering process, Formstack also has Pay Now functionality. 

The most flexible solution but also the most resource-intensive is an installed software application such as Magento. Rivista does not currently support any of these solutions and any effort to integrate them would require extensive development resources.

Payment Gateways

Just as in the Rivista Store Manager, payment gateways are required by all ecommerce solutions to process customer orders. The most commonly supported Payment Gateways are Authorize.Net and Paypal Payflow

We recommend waiting to sign-up for a payment gateway until you've chosen your shopping cart solution to ensure they are fully compatible. 

If you'd like to explore which of these options is right for you. Please contact us and we can help identify your goals and the best solution for your products. 

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