Add a Module to a Page

Use the Page Editor to add, remove, edit or rearrange modules on a specific page.

In the admin, under Pages, find the page you wish to add, remove, edit or rearrange the module on. Open the page, scroll down to the Add & Arrange modules section as seen below. 

Add a module

 There are two sections here. On the left is Available Modules - a list of all published modules from the Content Manager. On the right is Selected Modules - modules that exist on the specific page and which position on the page they are in. 

Begin entering the module name in the search bar under available modules on the left side.


Either use the right facing arrow or drag and drop the module to the right side (Selected Modules). Use the up and down arrows on the right to move the module between page positions. 

Remove a module

Select a module from the right (Selected Modules) section and click the X to the right. The module will be deleted from the page. You must press Update or Save and Done for this to take effect on the website. 

Edit a module

Find the module in the Selected modules section and click the pencil to the right. This will open the edit module page where you can change the module settings. 

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