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These instructions show how user accounts are created and administered in Rivista.  There are two ways user accounts are created:

  1. You can create user accounts in the Rivista User Manager.
  2. A website visitor can create their own accounts your website (according to settings defined in Rivista).

The instructions here focus on the first type of account-creation.

Before You Begin

To create a user account in Rivista, you need to have your own Rivista login with administrative rights.


1) Open The User Manager


Figure 1: User Manager Interface
(Click to enlarge) 

  1. Click User Manager in Rivista navigation menu (Figure 1: A).
  2. Click New button to create a new user (Figure 1: B).

2) Fill In Fields With User Information

Figure 2: User Information Settings
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Not all the fields are required. The most important fields are described below.

First Name User's first name.
Last Name User's last name.
Email User's email address. There cannot be more than one user account with the same email address. Check the email availability to make sure the email does not already belong to an account.

Passwords must contain:

  • at least 8 characters
  • at least one alphabetic character
  • at least one of the following non-alphabetic characters: numbers 0-9 or symbols ! @ # $ % ^ & * ()
Account Enabled Check Account Enabled if you want the user's account to be immediately enabled. The user will be able to log in using the account as soon as you save the user's information.
Access Control
  • Administrator - User will see three tabs after logging into the back end: Home, Publishing and Ad Manager and has access to all tools in the Publishing tab.
  • Calendar Access Requested - If the setting for the publication is such that Calendar access is not automatically granted to new users, the user must request permission to submit events. The user’s request for this permission is indicated in this checkbox. To add as a calendar submitter, the administrator must check the box Calendar User under Access Controls.
  • Calendar Approver - This account holder will have access only to the Calendar and may approve events there.
  • Calendar User - If this box is checked, the user may submit calendar events on the website (but not access Rivista).
  • Content Editor - This account setting gives the Rivista user access to the Home, Publishing and Ad Manager tabs. Under the Publishing tab, the user may access all tools necessary to update content on the site, but the User Manager and Store Manager tools will not be visible.
  • Guest User - A Guest User is a website visitor who has set up a basic account but may not have permission to submit events or view registered user-only pages.
  • Registered User - If this box is checked the user may view pages with that are Registered User pages. A back-end administrator must check this access level in order for the user to view registered user pages. There is no way for a front-end user to request access in the My Account interface.
  • Sales Associate - Does not allow a user to access Rivista, but gives them an account on the website.
  • Super Administrator - This super user setting gives the highest level of permission to the account holder. In addition to the access held by the Administrator, the Super Admin will see the Administration tab to the right of the Ad Manager tab, and may change global settings for the site in this tab. Super Administrators are the only Rivista users who may see credit card information.
Newsletter Channels

For publishers who want to enabled third party newsletters in system.

Additional Info

You may add in any additional info you want for the user. This information will only show in Rivista.

  • Click Save & Done if you are done adding user information.
  • Click Save & Add New if you want to add another user after the one you just created.


Important Note about deleting users


Do not delete users who have contributed content to your site (e.g., a user who has added calendar events) unless you also want to delete the content created by that user. To remove a user's access without impacting the content contributed by that user, disable their account rather than deleting it. To disable a user, click on the circle in the Enabled? column of the User Manager Interface to toggle it from green to red.



How can I tell if a new user is approved?

Look at the color-coded circles in the Enabled column to quickly determine whether users are approved. The circle will be green for approved users and red for unapproved users (Figure 4: A). Click the circle to change a user's status.

Figure 4: User Manager Interface

Can I reset a password for a user or send a new notification to a user?

Yes. If you go to that user’s profile page in User Manager, you can reset the password manually be entering a new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields. Do not use the Reset Password button to change a user's password.


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