Rivista 5 Upgrade Process

Upgrading to Rivista 5 requires a migration from your current site to your new, responsive one. The process will work as follows:

  1. You will be provided a site assessment prior to your scheduled upgrade. This assessment will warn you of any customizations or content that may not translate well to a Rivista 5's responsive theme. This will give you time to consider how to change your site and content to function well in Rivista 5.
  2. A Rivista Project Manager will transfer your current site's look and feel to a "sandbox" running Rivista 5 Previous customizations will be preserved to the best of our ability, but there will likely be situations where customizations will be lost or have to be re-implemented to function correctly with Rivista 5. 
  3. Your Project Manager will provide you a link to your sandbox where you can preview your site before going live.
  4. You will have a period of time to provide feedback to your Project Manager to make additional, in-scope*, adjustments to your sandbox
  5. Once you are happy with your responsive site, we will replace the existing site with your new, responsive one**
* Customizations may be restricted during the early adopter period (Q3 and Q4 2012) to ensure a smooth upgrade and site stability.
** The rollout of your new site may require downtime of up to 24 hours. This time will be used to migrate the content to your new site.
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