Rivista 5 Site and Content Considerations

Rivista 5's responsively designed interface will provide a great experience to users on any modern device. This does come with a cost however - both your site and content must be constructed to be adaptable to all of these diverse environments. The Rivista 5 team is hard at work making sure the core functionality of Rivista works well across these modern devices, but there are some customizations and content types that will not easily lend themselves to a good experience for your mobile readers.

Here are some examples of content and customizations that may have to be modified to work in a responsive environment:

  • Pixel-Perfect Designs - elements such as tables and columns which require an exact pixel-width greater than 320 pixels wide are unlikely to render well on phone-sized devices
  • Large Images - Images wider than 320 pixels will be scaled down to fit on the smaller screen and may be difficult to view
  • Customized Navigation - Customizing the navigation bar is a great way to call out important sections of your site to desktop users. With your new, responsive site, consider other ways to call these elements out for users on smaller devices as navigation will be hidden on small devices.
  • Flash - Flash is not supported on iOS (Apple) devices and is being phased out on other platforms (such as Android) 
Some tips for keeping your site and content future-friendly:
  • Think of your content like water; it's a fluid thing that can be poured into any sized container
  • Preview your content on mobile devices first. Making sure your content looks great on mobile devices prepares you for the current explosion in mobile growth and forces you to prioritize important elements of your content due to the constraints inherent in small screen sizes.
  • Avoid fixed width markup - anything wider than 320 pixels is unlikely to display well on phone-sized devices
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