Rivista 5 Overview

Rivista 5 aims to provide a great experience to users on any size screen. 

Responsively Designed

By 2014, mobile traffic will outpace that of desktop traffic and there are new devices entering the market all the time. 



Instead of creating separate sites for each screen size, we're using a technique called Responsive Design, which allows us to create a single site that adapts to the user’s environment. Responsive Design uses functionality available in HTML5 to detect the width of the users' browser and fill the screen without changing the content on your site. Responsive design has the following benefits:

  • It's great for SEO - instead of an m. website, there's one url for everyone regardless of device
  • Integrated Analytics - a single url for all devices means it's easy to view the total performance of your site across all devices or segmented by device
  • Saves development costs - building a site for each device type isn't a viable strategy when you consider the increasing number of devices entering the market every day
  • Consistent User Experience - your brand will be front and center no matter what device a user visits from

What does this mean for my site?

Rivista 5 will give your users a great experience on any modern device. The migration to Rivista 5 does present some challenges (and opportunities) for your content creators, advertisers and webmasters however. Please view the rest of the documentation to see how to prepare for this leap into the future.


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