Rivista 5: Advertising Considerations

Rivista 5 will provide publishers with additional advertisement opportunities and introduce some complexity to your current advertising setup.

In order to maintain the level of flexibility and control publishers are used to in Rivista, Rivista 5 will leverage the capabilities of the various Ad Serving solutions employed by publishers. Almost every modern Ad Server is able to serve advertisements based on device type or screen size. This gives publishers the ability to serve different ads to different types of devices. It also requires more configuration of your ad server to display ads that are appropriate for the user's screen. 

Rivista 5 deals with ads in the following way:

  • On each page, you will specify ad placements for both desktop and mobile versions of your site
  • When a user visits your site, all placements will contact your ad server to request an ad
  • The ad server will decide 1) whether or not to serve an ad and 2) which type of ad to serve based on the device type
Some tips for maximizing your ad impact:
  • 300px width advertisements can be easily displayed on all screen sizes, consider selling these ad sizes over Leaderboard and Skyscraper sized ads which will only display nicely on desktop and laptop screens.
  • If your Ad Server supports device and screen detection, you will have the ability to sell mobile and desktop ads separately
  • No Flash - OS devices do not support Flash and Adobe is phasing out it's flash player for mobile on all platforms
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