Create & configure a new Publication

Contact GTxcel at to create a new publication. Once the publication is created, you may continue setting up the new publication. 

The following is an overview of the settings in a Publication. Use the below as a guide to populating your publication's information and configuration options.

Publication Information


Title: title of publication as you would like it to appear in the URL. e.g. "Marin Magazine" as the title would yield a URL of

Parent Publication: usually none unless this is a supplement or a child of Blogs

Abbreviated Name: must be lower case and not contain spaces e.g. mm for Marin Magazine. This is a short-hand reference used in the CSS. Leave this blank for blog publications.

Geo/Metro area: this field will pull the targeted geographic area into the HTML title tags for the purpose of optimizing content for search engines.

Subscription Price: price for one year's subscription. Must enter something, even if it's $0.00.

Is Published?: checking will publish the publication to the front end of your site

Default Publication?: check this for the main publication ONLY. This is the publication that is the default for the home page content. That is, in the page layout for this publication you will find the modules residing on the home page.

Sell In Store?: check this if you wish to sell the publication on the Store page.

Title Tag, Description and Keywords: these fields should be filled out with keywords (Title Tag and Keywords fields) or sentences (Description) so that the content is optimized for seach engines. 

Category: the advertising category used for targeting ads. Generally a regional lifestyle magazine would fall under the heading "Arts & Entertainment"

Select Rivista Tags: Rivista tags are not necessary at the publication level

Hostnames: Populated by the Implementations team. Refrain from setting both the and hostnames here. The redirect should be done at the DNS manager.

Tracking Script: Populated by the Implementations team.


Configuration Options

Options to override the universal settings in the Administration tab for all publications in your install. Most options will filter from the Administration settings and can be left blank at the Publication level. Below are fields you should populate. 


2.png Enable Feeds: allows feeds for this publication
3.png Auto Approve Users: administrator does not have to approve new users. If you select No, be sure to add an email address in the New User Notifications field to receive email notifications when someone new registers.
4.png Instant Account Creation: on commenting, you can either allow or disallow instant account creation here.
5.png Auto Approve new users as Calendar Submitter: you can leave this blank if it's a blog but otherwise select a setting if you have multiple publications and would like to auto approve calendar submitters for some but not others.
6.png Geobase Notify List: if you would like to be notified every time someone adds or edits a listing, add an email address here. For multiple addresses separate them with a hard return.
7.png Article Teaser: you can override the default teaser message here by inserting your own.
8.png New Order Notifications & BCC: add an email address here for the person who will receive a notification when an order is placed in this publication
9.png New Subscription Notifications & BCC: add an email address here for the person who will receive a notification when a new subscription order is placed in this publication.
11.png New User Notifications: add an email address here for the person who will receive a notification when a new user signs up in this publication.
12.png Allow Anonymous Comments: select choice for this publication.
13.png Comments Moderator: adding an email address here will notify the moderator whenever a new comment is made in this publication.
14.png Comments Disclaimer Message: override the default message by adding a custom message here.When user has no screen name: you can choose to show either the whole name or only the first initial and last name.


15.png Moderation Setting: Comment Approval (comment must be approved before publication); User Moderation (allows users to report offensive comments); Email Moderator (emails moderator whenever a new comment is made.

Page Tools: You must select the page tools you wish to be default at each publication level. Page tools selected in the

Administration Settings area will not affect individual publications.



Module Configuration

Modules are placed in the Add & Arrange Modules selector to appear on all pages (default global modules), issues and articles. This can be overridden at the individual page, issue or article level. Any page position assignment at the individual page, issue or article level will override all modules for that page position. Many Publishers set advertisements to appear on all article page right rails or set the related content MCL to appear under articles. 

Move modules in the same way as when adding them to pages.  See this link for info.


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