Gallery Templates

Galleries are a collection of images to be displayed on the website. There are two default templates to choose from. 


Lightbox Gallery (aka Shadowbox)

Template: gallery-lightbox.tpl
Stylesheet: gallery-lightbox.css

Initially displays a set of thumbnail sized images. Clicking an image launches a lightbox that allows the reader to view in a slideshow format. Readers are able to view the Caption, Description and Photo Credit. HTML may be used in the Description field. The reader will close the lightbox to return to the thumbnail page. 



See it in action here. 



Inline Gallery

Template: gallery-slideshow.tpl
Stylesheet: gallery-slideshow.css

Displays images in a slideshow format with image thumbnails displayed below the current image. Scroll is available with right and left arrows, or the reader may choose a thumbnail to skip to a desired image. Readers can view the Caption, Description and Photo Credit. 


See it in action here



Click here to learn how to add a new gallery.

Click here for info on Splash Gallery Modules.

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