Store Manager Overview


Store Manager

This is an overview of the Store Manager. The Store Manager is an e-commerce tool that allows website publishers to sell geobase listings, back issues and subscriptions online. Additional custom products may be added. See here for more information. 

Products & Product Categories

Individual products are organized into product categories. Three default product categories are setup at the initial install of your website - geobase, back issues and subscriptions. Additional product categories and products may be added.  Find Product Categories and Products under the Store Manager in the left sidebar in the Rivista admin.

Geobase Products

Geobases are resource or directory listings. The setup and pricing set here will affect all publications within the Rivista admin. 

Standard, default geobase products
     Premium (annual billing)
     Featured (annual billing)

Creating additional products to adjust the rebilling cycles for Premium and Featured listings are allowed. No additional products for Basic listings are allowed. No additional products to change custom field offerings are allowed. 

IMPORTANT: Default geobase product codes must remain exactly as they appear. Changes to the product codes will cause purchase errors. Additional featured or premium geobase products must follow the default naming convention adding numbers or unique identifiers to the end (no spaces) - ie FEATURED3 or PREMIUM4.

Click here for more information on geobase products. 

Back Issues

The back issues product is setup by default and will automatically add new products as issues are created in the Issue Manager. Choose the Sell In Store? checkbox and indicate an issue price in the Issue Manager. When the Current Issue checkbox is not selected for an issue, it is available for purchase as a back issue. Issues with the current issue checkbox selected may only be purchased through a subscription. The price may be adjusted in the Issue Manager for a back issue. This will be reflected in the Back Issue product. 

To view all Back Issue products, choose Product Categories, Back Issues. Use search to narrow the results. 


Like back issues, subscriptions products are automatically generated when a new publication is created. In the Publication Manager, choose the Sell in Store checkbox and indicate a subscription price. Subscription prices may be set individually for different publications. 

Promo codes can be setup for Subscriptions. Click here for more information. 



All orders submitted through Rivista will appear in the Order section under Store Manager. Use the filter to sort by types of orders - geobase, back issue, subscription or custom products. Each order has a unique order identification number. 

Click into an individual order to view order details, such as  the bill to, send to and payment information. 

Orders can be exported into a .csv file by clicking the download button at the bottom of the orders screen. The download process may take a few minutes. 


Payment Gateways

Rivista supports four payment gateway options

1. Paypal PCI
2. Paypal Payments PRO
4. Email notifications (default) 

Recommended: Paypal PCI. This is the only PCI compliant gateway that Rivista currently integrates with. Check with your bank to see if this is required. Works with Paypal basic, does not require a paid Paypal account. 

Alternatives for third party gateways within Rivista are Paypal Payments PRO and, both of which are paid accounts. 

Email notifications are the default in inception. When a product order is made, the payment information is recorded in Rivista. The publisher must access the Order Manager to retrieve and process the payment information manually through a payment processor. 

To activate a payment gateway, choose which payment gateway you'd like, add the required credentials and choose it as the default.



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