Advanced Topics: Add a Page to Navigation


  • Rivista makes it easy to add your page to a navigation menu.
  • To do this, access the Menus area of the Publishing tab (Figure 1:A).


Figure 1: Menus area of Rivista
  1. Access the Publishing area of Rivista (Figure 1:A).
  2. Click on Menus (Figure 1:B). Click on a menu title to edit it.
  3. To add a new menu item, click NEW.
  4. Give your menu item a Title (Figure 1:C).
  5. In the Parent Menu pulldown menu, select the menu where you want to add your link (Figure 1:D).
  6. Under Menu Order, assign your item a number which will coincide with its position.
  7. Under Menu Item Type, select Rivista Page Link (Figure 1:E).
  8. Access Control allows you to limit who can edit this link in Rivista. It is not typically used on menu items. 
  9. In the Select A Page pulldown menu, select your page (Figure 1:F). Titles are alphabetized by Title.
  10. When complete, click SAVE and DONE.
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