Before you Begin: Understanding URL Structure


A page's URL structure is determined by its Parent Page.  

A page will construct its URL based on its domain, its issue or parent page and its title. Words will be separated by dashes (minus).  Special characters will be translated into dashes (minus).

For example, if the site is, a page's URL structure would be:

How URLs Are Built
Example URL
Domain + Issue or Parent page + Title
Figure 1: Page location settings

To assign a Parent Page:

  1. Begin typing the name of the Parent Page into the Parent Page field.  A list of pages will appear (Figure 1).
  2. Select the Parent Page.
  3. The URL will auto assign based on issue or parent page and title. The URL can be customized. Use caution when changing an existing URL because it will break any links that have been published outside of Rivista.
    1. Editors who want to revert a URL backs to its natural state after modification can click REGENERATE URL FROM PARENT PAGE AND TITLE button. 
  4. The Current URL field includes a preview of URL even if page is unpublished.


Figure 2: A page URL is based on its Parent Page and Title


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