Basics: Page Configuration Options


The Page Configuration area (Figure 1) allows you to configure the page in unique ways:

  • Require SSL encryption on a page
  • Show or hide comments on a page
  • Show or hide social media icons on a page (Figure 1:A)
  • Show or hide breadcrumbs on a page (Figure 1:B)
  • Show or hide title field on a page (Figure 1:C)
  • Assign a page class to a page
  • Get information about the page, such as date modified and last modifier
pageconfig.jpeg pageassets.jpeg
Figure 1: Rivista Page Configuration interface Figure 2: An article in Rivista where the configurable fields are listed

The Fields

  1. Require SSL - A yes or no radio button that allows you to require SSL encryption on a page.
  2. Page tools - Checkboxes allow you to add Add This, Email, Print and Comments icons to top of page (Figure 1:A).
  3. Show breadcrumb - This yes or no radio button allows you to show breadcrumb on page (Figure 1:B).
  4. Show page title - This yes or no radio button allows you to show page title on page (Figure 1:C).
  5. Page-level classes - This is a text field that allows you to assign an HTML class that can be applied to page in body tag
  6. Date created - This is a timestamp that is automatically set on save
  7. Created by - This is automatically set to show the user who created the content
  8. Date modified - This is a timestamp that is automatically set on content modification
  9. Modified by - This is automatically set to show the user who made recent modification
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