Basics: Add Modules To A Page


The Add and Arrange Modules editor allows you to assign or rearrange modules on your page. In order to do so, you must have one or more modules created in your Content Manager.

The Add and Arrange Modules editor is shown below.

On the left, the Available Modules column shows the modules available for placement categorized by Category.  On the right, the Selected Modules column shows the content that is on the page by page position.

Figure 1: Add and Arrange Module interface

To add a module to a page:

  1. In the Available Modules column, type of the name of the module you want to position on the page into the search field (Figure 2:A). 
  2. Once it appears, highlight the module with your curser.
  3. In the Selected Modules area, highlight the Page Position where you want to place the module (Figure 2:B).
  4. Using the large arrow button in the center column (Figure 2:C), move your module from the Available Modules column to the Selected Modules column. The module should appear in the Selected Modules area (Figure 2:D).
  5. Use the Up and Down Arrow buttons to move the module into the correct position. You can also open a module to edit it using the edit pencil (Figure 2:E).
  6. Once your modules are positioned, you can SAVE or UPDATE your page.
Figure 2: How to place modules on a page

About Page Positions

Pages have several default page positions that are available to be included in templates.

Page positions include:

  • Top
  • Upper-left
  • Upper-middle
  • Upper-right
  • Left
  • Middle
  • Right
  • Bottom
  • Lower-Left
  • Lower-Middle
  • Lower-Right

*Modules will adapt to their environment. They stretch to fit the template when modules are not present in certain placement positions. 

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