Advanced Topics: Make Menu Item Highlight on Active Page


  • Rivista allows you to program your site so that Menu Items remain highlighted as an active link when a user is on that specific page.
  • This process involves assigning the same Tag to the page's Menu Items and to the page itself.
Figure 1: Menu Item Highlighted In Navigation

Before You Begin

  • Make sure a Tag is created for the page
  • Make sure your Page is created and published in Page Manager


  1. Find the Page in Page Manager and edit it by clicking on its Title.
  2. In Select Tags area (Figure 2), assign the Tag to the page.
  3. Save page.
  4. Next, go to Menus tab.
  5. Edit selected Menu Item.
  6. Assign tag to your Menu Item.
  7. Save Menu Item.
Figure 2: The Select Tag Editor

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