Advanced Topics: Templates and Their Uses


  • Rivista comes with several standard templates that are used to display pages, articles and publications.
  • This document will outline how each template displays and make recommendations on the best times to use each template.
  • The templates vary by the number of page positions that exist on a page.


Landing Page


  • The Landing Page Templatelanding.tpl, includes all page positions:
    • top
    • bottom
    • upper right
    • upper middle
    • upper left
    • left
    • middle
    • right
    • bottom-left
    • bottom middle
    • bottom right.
  • Template should be used for pages with a lot of modules that require specific placement.



Index page


  • The Index Page Templateindex.tpl, includes:
    • top
    • middle
    • right 
    • bottom
  • Template is typically used for pages where most of the content is included in the BODY CONTENT area.



Full Width


  • The Full Width Templatefullwidth.tpl, only loads the page's middle position, without the top and bottom positions.
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