Navigate the Page Manager


  • Use Page Manager to quickly access and edit the pages of your Rivista site.
  • You can find pages by filtering the database or searching for them in the search box.
  • Set the display order of pages that display in modules.
  • Preview pages without them being published.
Figure 1: Page Manager
  • Page Manager - Click Pages to access Page Manager (Figure 1:A)
  • Create new page - Create a new page in Rivista  (Figure 1:B)
  • Pages by Title - Filter page database by Title  (Figure 1:C)
  • Pages by URL - Filter page database by URL (Figure 1:D)
  • Date created - Shows when the page was created (Figure 1:E) 
  • Date modified - Shows when page was modified (Figure 1:F)
  • Created by - Shows who created the page (Figure 1:G)
  • Modified by - Shows who last modified the page (Figure 1:H)
  • Published - Green indicated page is published. Red indicates page is not published (Figure 1:I)
  • Publish date - Shows when the page was published (Figure 1:J)
  • Set display order - Allows editor to manually set a display order for the page when the page is in a module (Figure 1:K)
  • Basic filters - Filter page database. You can choose to filter by Publication page or Issue page (Figure 1:L)
  • Filter by tags - (Figure 1:M)
  • Search - Search for page by Title (Figure 1:N)
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