Ad support help desk

GTxcel has a team of ad serving professionals. Contact our DFP ad support team through the same help desk you use for CMS questions.

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Response Time

  • General Questions – 1 business day
  • Escalation – Initial response within 1 business day though resolution time will vary depending on the nature of the problem and level of development needed for the resolution

Estimated Production Turnaround Times

  • Standard Ad Campaign Requests* – 2 business days
  • Rush Ad Campaign Requests* - 1 business day

Please note the actual turnaround time may be shorter or longer than estimated.

Service Level

GTxcel ad serving contracts are sold in Premiums or Ad Assist service packages. Ad Assist clients create and manage their own campaigns and reporting. Premium clients submit their campaign requests to GTxcel and GTxcel creates the campaigns.

*Please refer to your contract for rates and service level.

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