Standard Ad Sizes

GTxcel supports the following IAB ads. *Please note there are a few differences between responsive and classic template websites. 

Responsive Site (r5) Standard Ads

728x90 - Leaderboard (appears on desktop and landscape tablet, not mobile)
300x250 - Medium Rectangle
300x600 - Half Page
300x50 - Mobile (appears in lieu of the leaderboard on mobile devices)

Classic Site Standard Ads

728x90 - Leaderboard
300x250 - Medium Rectangle
300x600 - Half Page
300x50 - Mobile
160x600 - Wide Skyscraper

Non-Standard Sizes

You can manually enter a non-standard size however, If that size does not exist on your site currently you will need to file a support ticket to have that ad slot created before submitting the campaign by emailing or by visiting:

The support team will need to create that ad slot in OpenX and then create an ad object in Rivista for that ad size and place it on the page or pages you want the ad. Targeted Turnaround time for a new ad unit is 3 business days.

Cautions about using Non-Standard ad sizes

  • Advertisers typically use the IAB standard ads, using odd sizes will require more work for the advertiser
  • If you have a responsive site, a non-standard ad size may not respond accurately
  • Using excessive non-standard ad size will make your site look “unusual” 

Creative Types


  • Single Image files. Supported formats include: jpgs, gifs and png

  • Must meet exact dimensions down to the pixel
  • 60KB max file size
  • Note: in some instances png’s may need to be tested


  • SWF files from Adobe

  • 60KB max file size
  • Note: Many devices do not display flash. Use of flash while supported, is discouraged. Flash files always require a back-up image file for this reason.

Third Party ad tag 

  • A creative built and supported by an outside party or agency to be served through our ad server.  Needs to be supported by whoever built it.  Typically the 3rd party will also track impressions and clicks on their end.

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