Rivista: Create or Adjust Ad Categories

Create Rivista Ad Categories

Rivista comes pre-loaded with 21 default Ad Categories. You may choose to add any additional categories to meet your individual publications' needs.

1. Log in to Rivista 
2. On the Left, under the Content Manager category, click on “Ad Categories” 
3. To create a  New button at the bottom. 
4. Complete these fields when adding New categories: 

  • Title: name your Ad Category (all one word without spaces or special characters - may use underscores)
  • Publication: default is to choose all publications; if you have more than one publication in your Rivista instance, you may choose to apply this Ad Category to a single publication  
  • Display Order: order in the drop down menu for Ad Categories on each page/article

Apply Ad Categories to Pages or Articles

Using Ad Categories makes it easier to target your campaigns to a specific part of your site (i.e. having a Jeweler’s ad appearing only for your Weddings pages, and not on Food and Drink pages).

1. Log in to Rivista 
3. On the Left, under the Content Manager category, click on “Pages” or "Article Manager" 
4. Select the page/article you would like to edit. 
5. Under the Ad Categories field, select the ad category from the drop down menu and save the page/article. 

  • You will need to do this individually for all pages or articles.

Once you have tagged all of your pages/articles with the correct ad category, you can have your ad campaigns targeted specifically to that Ad Category. To do this, add a note in your DFP Ad Request to target the ad to a specific Ad Category


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