Rivista - Sept. 18th 2013 - Code Hotfix

New Features

  • We have added an Article Type drop down to the Article Manager. You may now choose from the following article types:

    Single Page

    Standard Article Type: This is the way articles function currently with a pager being added to the article if page breaks are added.

    Slideshow Article Type**: This is a new article type that allows you to create an article based slide show like the one below:


    **Please note you should select the article.slideshow.tpl when using the Article Slideshow article type.

    Here is the new interface for the Article Slideshow:

    Some Features of the Article Slideshow:
    1) Each Article Slide has a unique Title Tag
    2) Each Article Slide has an unique SEO friendly URL
    3) Each Article Slide can have its own unique meta description and meta keywords
    4) Ability to rearrange slide order
    5) Ability to remove specific slides or add more later
    6) Ability to collapse Article Slides as needed to make editing of slides easier

    Single Page Article Type: This is non paged article type that uses the page break tool for printing only so the end result is the article will appear as one long page.


  • Fixed an issue where authorization from was failing in the subscription and store ordering process.
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    Larissa Dillman

    I would like to try the slideshow option, however I don't see article.slideshow.tpl.

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    Louis Gottfried


    This functionality was built for Rivista 5 and not Rivista Classic, and therefore, there is no classic Rivista template to use. We are going to start including this information in future code release notes to minimize any confusion regarding what functionality require Rivista 5.

    If you are interested in Rivista 5 I can have a sales team member contact you.


    Louis Gottfried

    Rivista Product Director

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