Publication Blog Roll

The Publication Blog Roll module is used to display posts from multiple blogs in a list. Typically used on the homepage.

For more information on the individual fields, click the i next to the field name in Rivista.  

 Create a Blog Roll module

  1. Go to the Content Manager
  2. Click New
  3. Select Publication Blog Roll
  4. Set the Title
    • Title appears in Rivista only
  5. Select Yes for Published?
  6. Enter a Module Title
    • Module Title appears on the website
    • If the blog has an image set in the Blogs section, the logo will display in place of the text title
  7. Category, ID Name, Notes, HTML ID and HTML Class Name may remain blank
  8. Choose a Template
    • Fixed blog roll displays the blogs in a static order set in Blogs, posts are sorted under each blog publication by sort order
    • Rotating blog roll displays blogs posts by sort order, not separated by blog publications
  9. Select Blogs to display in the blog roll
  10. Number of posts choose the total number of posts to appear in the list
  11. Sort Order defaults to Date Published
  12. Set thumbnail display options, defaults shown below
  13. Set content display options, defaults shown below
  14. Click Update

** The following Article will show you how to add a module to a page. **

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