How to create a Link


The Rivista Links editor allows you to direct readers to specific URLs within your site or to external pages. Links are displayed in Content Lists. Links are often used for advertorial content.  

Create a Link

  1. Click on Links in the left sidebar
  2. Click New Link
  3. Enter a Title for the Link. The title appears in Content Lists that the link is tagged to appear in.
  4. Choose a Link Type. Choose Static URL: for a URL outside of your Rivista Website. Choose Rivista Page to select a page within your Rivista Website.
  5. Enter the Sub-title, Byline and Summary. This can be configured to display in a Content List Module.
  6. Upload a Thumbnail Image. Select a file and click Update
  7. Select Display Order. Optional. If a mixed content list is configured to sort by display order, then it will display items with a lower display order first and count upwards.
  8. Choose if you want to Open Link in New Window.
  9. Apply Highlight Style. When set to yes, the link_advertisement class will be added to the link content when displayed in a mixed content list. By default, a gold background will be added. This could be used to distinguish advertorial from editorial content.
  10. HTML Class Name(s). Optional. Use this field to set a CSS class or classes for your link that will show up in the rendered markup. Each class must start with a letter. Multiple class names can be specified by separating them with spaces. Legal characters include: a through z. A through Z, 0 through 9, underscore, and dash.
  11. Select Tags. The Rivista tags will route content to the website. Without tags, the Links will not appear in the Content List
  12. Press Update.


How to display the Link in a Content List

In order to display a link in a Content List Module, the Content List should have links checked/selected and tagged accordingly. 


    A. Content list is tagged with "Tag Name" and Links are selected/checked in the                 Content Types section.

    B. The link is tagged with "Tag Name".

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