Create a Shadowbox Image module (Pop-Up)

This article will help you create a Shadowbox Image module (Also known as a Pop-up image). 


Typical use-case: You need a simple image to pop up on page load - prompting visitors to visit a subscription page and will not require click tracking. 


1. Go to the content manager -> click New -> click Shadowbox Image.

2. Enter the module Title

Set it to Published​ 
Paste the Image URL
Provide the Destination URL​ (Where the image will link to)

3. Do you want the image to pop up every time?

Yes -> Leave Set Cookie on No -> go straight to step 4.

No -> Set it to Yes -> Set the Cookie Duration(Enter the number of hours that you wish the cookie to persist. A value of zero will make the cookie persist only for the duration of the session. One week is 168 hours).

4. Press Update.

You may adjust the rest of the setting to your liking.

Once completed, you will need to add the module to a page: How to add a module to a page


NOTE: This module does not have the ability to track clicks. 

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