Ad Targeting: Categories and Post-id (Rivista)


How to add a category in DFP:

1. Login to your DFP account

2. Navigate to Inventory - Key-values

3. Click "category" 

4. Click "Add Values" to add a new category. Make sure the category matches what is in Rivista. Categories should be all lowercase and should not include spaces. Once you add it, the category will then be available in your ad orders for targeting.

How to add new categories in Rivista


A post-id is used to target ads to a specific page or article url. DFP ad serving does not allow for url targeting. For targeting more than three page urls, consider targeting by advertising category. 


1. Navigate to the page on your website

2. Right click in the body and choose View Page Source

3. Use Command+F (mac) or Ctrl+F (pc) to find postid 

The post id is a five digit number following the postId. 

DFP Setup

1. Post id is a key value in the DFP ad server. In a line item, under the targeting section choose key value

2. Click in the Select a key box and choose post_id

3. Enter the five digit number and hit tab, or click outside of the text box. 

The targeting will be added and you can continue to save the line item. 


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