It's important to provide your advertisers ad analytics to drive revenue. 

DFP has default queries it provides to assist you with reporting. These are found under Reports > System queries. Queries can be used to schedule monthly reports delivered to your inbox. 


Creating a Report

  1. Login to DFP
  2. Choose Reports from the top menu
  3. Choose Reports from the left menu
  4. Click New Report
  5. Choose Dimensions
  6. Choose Metrics
  7. Run Report

*Note: you may title and Save the report or export/Share the report.


Clicks/CTR Reporting for all ads running last month

  • Reporting Type: Historical
  • Date Range: Last Month
  • Dimensions
    • Advertiser
    • Line Item
  • Metrics
    • Total clicks
    • Total CTR


Click here for Google DFP Best Reporting Practices



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